University of Strathclyde collaboration on EPSRC-funded project on CO2 separation from flue gas

The School of Engineering carbon capture adsorption group will be collaborating with the University of Strathclyde on the project, Feasibility of a wetting layer absorption carbon capture process based on chemical solvents. The aim will be to investigate a novel process based on the 'wetting layer absorption' (WLA) concept in which a porous material is used to support liquid-like regions of absorbing solvent, which in turn absorb the gas of interest, in this case carbon dioxide. Initial work involved investigation of the use of physical solvents. Here the focus is on a process involving chemical solvents, i.e. amines. This process should have a high capacity, high slectivity, and high rates of mass transfer. Another novel aspect of this work is the investigation of microwave regeneration, which could also result in much reduced costs for sorbent regeneration. Finally, the process would involve orders of magnitude reductions in solvent recycling, and could make use of much less toxic and corrosive solvents, leading to a much greener process. Ultimately, the WLA process involving chemical solvents could potentially significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of carbon capture. The Project will involve two research groups - one coordinated by Prof. Stefano Brandani from the University of Edinburgh, and the other coordinated by Dr Martin Sweatman of the University of Strathclyde.