Doosan Power Systems: Control, Optimisation, and Measurement of CO2 Absorber Transients (COMCAT)

CO2 post-combustion capture systems on power plants are unlikely to operate at true steady state for any length of time. Even if the power plant output is nominally stable, factors such as changes in coal properties, firing patterns, excess air levels and ambient temperatures will all cause changes in operating conditions. Additionally, power plants and their associated CO2 capture systems are likely to be changing output and shutting down for periods in response to electricity market conditions. There has been very little work to identify appropriate control strategies for plants operating in these dynamic conditions, but a promising option is to exploit the freedom offered by post-combustion capture to drive the capture plant through a trajectory of changing operating states while keeping within environmental regulations.

This project will identify appropriate sites for sensors and develop methods for a rapid and accurate interpretation of the results that can be implemented through conventional commercial instrumentation and control systems.