SSE: Effects of Utilisation in Real-time on Electricity Capacity Assessments (EURECA)

A leading option for the cost-effective decarbonisation of the UK economy is large-scale deployment of low-carbon technologies in the electricity sector. A transition from conventional thermal generation to low-carbon sources would significantly change the electricity generation portfolio. It is, therefore, essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the operating patterns of future thermal generation capacity in order to inform the scientific community and other key energy stakeholders about the necessary operational requirements of future power plants. In the UK (and elsewhere), it is likely that conventional thermal generation will be required for the provision of flexibility to ensure there is sufficient generation capacity available to act as infill generation for significant deployment of inflexible power generation sources. This also suggests a substantial likely need for flexible thermal generation equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS) to decarbonise the electricity sector, manage wind output variability and provide real-time demand/supply balancing. This project will aim to simulate the likely future UK wind output for a range of scenarios and to investigate the implications on the thermal plant portfolio.